• Voir taille réelle  On your left, you can see differents leaders of European countries signing the Treaty of Rome, in the city which gives its name to this essential text in European history, espacially in economic one. In fact, on the 25th March of 1957, after long negotiations, was established the European Economic Community, which is so, a common market, an economic alliance between six countries: these signatory states are France, Deutschland (you can see its leader, Konrad Adenauer), Italy and the three Benelux's members: Belgium, Luxemburg and Netherlands. However, beyond an only economic interest, the treaty of Rome marks an important step in European history, a projection towards the European construction, after the Second World War, which damaged and mutilated the continent, since it is the symbolical birth act of European Union. So, this treaty permited her to give herself a new blow. More, the same day, another treaty was signed and instituted Euratom, the european atomic energy community, in the same aim of a new organization, a new building of this, in those days, weak continent...These treaties came into force the 1st January 1958 and still stay capital so as to understand how Europe knew to reconstruct and to understand the European Union's origin....

    It was a brief, but I hope interesting, glimpse about our continent, its history...

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  • The horn of Africa crosses of  serious crisis caused by a drought which threatens about 1,5 miliion chilren of less than five years.

    The absence of rains for two years destroyed the harvests,killed livestock and caused the disappearing of sources water.In Somalia, which is the most affected country by drought,where more than 8 million persons are in serious danger following a destructive drought.

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       This caricature is named "The New Old Mc Donald's Farm". It was made by A. Singer in 2006. 

      In the foreground, I can see a man on a tractor with a big suit. Behind this tractor, there is a tank with a skull with a tap which spray salad. In the background, There are beefs on a travelator whiches go to an house with the radioactive symbol on it. Everywhere in this caricature, there are salads in the farm.

     The man is singing a readaption of a famous american song. This song is supposed to be a children song, with pigs, cows,  ducks... In this version, the farmer replaces animals' names by terms like: Pesticides, Genetically Engineered Crops, Arradiated Beef... He uses the same positive melody to speak about chemicals and factory farming.  We can imagine the tank sprays with pesticides because of the skull. Behind, beefs are going to become irradiated beef.

     It's not random if the drawer choose this song. With this readaption, he criticizes the famous fast food "Mc Donald's" and he accuses fast food 's productions to be creat with irradiated beef, pesticides ...

    With this caricature, the cartoonist, A singer, criticizes farms of today. He uses humour with a readaptation of a famous child song, and he changes it remplacant animal's terms in chemical's terms.

    I like this caricature because I knew the real song before our work on this caricature. I think this caricature is not an exaggeration when we learn rivers are polluted. Furthermore, this caricature is easy to understand and to explain.

    You can find other funny caricatures on this site:



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