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    .. do you think that American politicians will dare to vote for a black man ? what do you think of both candidates ? Eg

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    Dimanche 12 Octobre 2008 à 22:07
    I'm not very interrested in politic. But according to the programs of each candidates I think i've preference for Obama.
    In this match beetwin the two man there's somethin that upset me. McCain have been prisoner hasn't he. He have been tortured... How could he have an objective point of view? He's not able to make right decisions, wise thinkings and decisions with thoose things he lived....

    I hope more than i think that the Us people will dare to vote for a black person. If thoose people are not sure because of the color of the candidate, so we are in right to think that a second Bush will come soon....

    Martin.Q 1s10
    F. M.
    Lundi 3 Novembre 2008 à 10:34
    That's a good question and, to answer it, I sincerely hope so, because it would proove two things :
    - First, the fact that the American are able to recognize the mistakes they commited by electing George W. Bush twice.
    - And secondly, it would show that people are not afraid by the perspective of a deep change (Obama's campaign's main theme), especially in these difficult times of economic crisis.

    But will they dare ? Even if the polls allow the democrats to be optimistic for their candidate, Barack Obama has not already won. Yes, we know that the black and hispanic people will probably vote for the Senator for Illinois. But the real question is : will the white people (the working class mainly) change their habits and vote for a democrat (black furthermore) ?

    So I just hope that the racial antagonism and the "swing states" results will not prevent Obama from settling in the White House.
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