Haiti, a devastated island

    We know that the lack of water and the poverty persist in Haïti for a few years. But the earthquake, which happened in middle January 2010, has increased the problems. So, most of the population leaves without anything (no water, no food, no housing and... no family). Many Haitian are injured or lost. The disaster paralyses all the island.

    To remedy these difficulties, several countries (USA, Brazil, Canada, France...) and also the United Nations have proposed their help : humanitarian aid, sanitation, refugee camps... Food, water and medicines are brought. Associations ask for donations to help the disaster victims. All the world join forces and try to assist Haiti.

    Example of the USA :

    This country proved that it could participate to the humanitarian aid too. For example, the president Obama proposed to meet the Canada and the Brazil and lead a cooperation ( which means that US army will cooperate with the brazilian army) or they also begin  reconstructions (hospitals, houses...). Their help is omnipresent.

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