1966, it's the peak of rock'n'roll in Great Britain. But the government spread only forty-five minutes of this music and the British can't listen to rock'n'roll. So, they listen to music illegaly thanks to the pirate radios..... which are on boats in the North Sea.

    Good Morning England is a movie which relates this history with humour:

    The story takes place on the boat"Radio Rock" (nicknamed "the Boat of love" by one of the eight DJs). So a group of DJs -crazy DJs - emcee Radio Rock. We can see Dave - who "try and pick girls up"-, the Comte and Gavin, the two  American DJs, Bob, a hippy or Simon, king of hit parade... All the characters have their stories, with spicy and funny details. The end is very... special, or rather... surprising.

    And of course, I've forgotten to said that the musical program is so good - just songs, great songs, of the sixties (The Kinks, the Turtles, the Beach Boys, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Jimi Hendrix...)

    The movie lasts about two hours but it's very very funny and gripping...

    L.P 2nde 11


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    LP 2nde 11
    Dimanche 24 Janvier 2010 à 18:41
    Sorry ! It's not "king of hit parade" but "king of the charts"...
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