In this document, I will present different corn-based ingredients and I will say what it is, how it is used and in what aliments we can find this ingredients.


    ASCORBIC ACID is a sugar acid with antioxidant properties. We also know it under the name of Vitamin C.

    It's used as a food preservative.

    We can see it in lemons, fresh vegetables and fruit juice.


    BAKING POWDER is a dry chemical leavening agent.

    It's necessary to increase the volume.

    There's that in muffins, cakes, bread...


    CARAMEL is a confection made of a variety of sugar.

    It's a flavor.

    Puddings, desserts, candies, ice cream... can have caramel in them.


    CELLULOSE is an organic compound obtained from wood pulp and cotton.

    It's present in paper, cardboard, textiles...


    CITRIC ACID is an organic acid which add an acidic taste to food or soft drinks.

    We can find it in fruits and legumes, and more especially in citrus fruits).


    CORN FLOUR comes from corn grain.


    CORN OIL is an oil extracted from the germ of corn.

    It's a frying oil.

    We can see it in margarine or pharmaceuticals preparations.


    CORNSTARCH is the starch of the corn.

    It's an anti-caking agent in powdered sugar.

    We can observe it in sauces or custard.


    CORN SYRUP comes from cornstarch and glucose.

    It maintains freshness, thickener and sweetener.

    There's corn syrup in pecan pie for example.


    DIGLYCERIDES are made of fatty acid and glycerol molecules.

    There's that in beverages, ice cream, chewing-gums, margarine, confections...


    ETHYL ACETATE is an organic compound, which is a colorless liquid with a sweet smell.

    It's used as a solvent.

    It's present in nail varnish removers, decaffeinated coffee, paints, perfumes...


    FRUCTOSE is a white solid.

    Honey, berries and melons are composed of fructose.


    FUMARIC ACID is a chemical compound.

    It's used as fumarates : it's an acidity regulator.

    Beverages, baking powders or pudding have it in them.


    GLUTEN is a composite of proteins.

    We can find it in wheat, rye or barley.


    HIGH-FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP is a corn syrup that has undergone enzymatic processing : the glucose became fructose.

    It's in drinks, yogurts, cookies, salad dressing, tomato soup...


    INVERT SUGAR is a mixture of glucose and fructose.

    We can see it in lemon juice and cream of tartar.


    MALTODEXTRIN comes from starch.

    It's used as a food additive.

    We can observe it in corn and wheat.


    SACCHARIN is an artificial sweetener, so it sweetens products.

    There's that in drinks, candies, medicines and toothpaste.


    SORBIC ACID is an organic compound.

    It's used as a food preservative.

    We find it in some essential oils.


    SORBITOL is a sugar alcohol.

    Cough syrups, mint and chewing-gum are composed of sorbitol.


    STARCH is composed of much glucose. It comes from green plants.

    It's in potatoes, wheat, corn and rice.


    SUCROSE is an organic compound.

    It's present in confectioneries, desserts, candies, ice cream, sorbets, cookies or biscuits.


    XANTHAN GUM is a food additive.

    It's used in dressings and sauces.


    XYLITOL is a sugar alcohol sweetener.

    It's in fruits and vegetables like raspberries, plums, corn, mushrooms...


    ZEIN is found in corn.

    It's important for processed foods and pharmaceuticals.



    CONCLUSION : We find corn-based ingredients in many things we eat, but we don't know all the ingredients in one aliment and what we really eat!


    L.Z. 2°1

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