• Camden Town (London)

    During the last holidays, I went to London and so, I would like to introduce you an area that I particularly enjoyed: Camden Town.

    It's located, as you can see on the London map, at the North-West of the City-Center. To get there, catching the tube (or the bus) is a better option than taking your car because parking spaces are few and far between. So, if you choose the subway, you have to take the Northern Line and stop at Camden Town or Chalk Farm. A walk along the pretty way beside the canal from Regent's Park will also take you into the middle of the markets.

    Camden's group of markets is now the fourth most-visited tourist attraction in London. It's the largest street market in the United Kingdom, and attracts around 100 000 visitors each weekend. There are six main markets composing Camden Market: Camden Lock Market, Camden Stables Market, Camden Canal Market, Camden (Buck Street) Market, Camden Market Hall and Inverness Street Market.

    In a few words, I'm going to introduce you the different markets.

    The first, Lock Market, is located beside the Regent's Canal. It's the first market that appears in Camden. It was originally a craft market but this area now sells a wider range of goods. Actually, you can browse the vast number of stalls and shops which sell unusual and original gifts and choose from a large selection of handcrafted traditional and contemporary jewellery, designer clothes and accessories. Finally, if you need a meal or light refreshment, it's there I advice you to go because there are plenty of pleasant places at the Lock to enjoy fine food and drink, especially at the weekend.

    If you head along Chalk Fram Road you will come to the Stables which is the biggest market, and was built on the former cowsheds of the company of railroads of Midlands. From the latest in adventurous alternative fashion, through the best selection of vintage clothing shops in London, to the joy of collecting bottles. It's a great and varied place to shop. In total around 500 shops and stalls trade here at the weekend and many are now open every day of the week. A large part of the market is currently being extended with additional floors added to increase the shopping area.

    Then, there are Camden Canal Market which, unfortunately,  due to a serious fire on the evening of February 9th 2008, is closed until further notice.

    After this, there is Camden Buck Street Market. This busy jumble of around 200 stalls in narrow alley-ways was originally known as Buck Street Market and is one of several separate markets off the Camden High Street/Chalk Farm Road.. A few stallholders sell their own designs of jewellery and clothing and are particularly worth seeking out.

    In the Market Hall, there are just a few of more than 100 traders selling their goods over the three floors .

    Finally, there is Inverness Street, that has been the location of a small but popular fruit and vegetable market supplying the Camden Town community since around 1900. In recent years stalls selling bargain clothing, footwear and souvenirs have changed its style but a few quality fresh produce stalls still survive. This street is well-known for its excellent continental style bar/restaurants which stay open late and a number of specialist shops.

    To conclued, I really appreciate this London area because I found it very pituresque, surprising and impressive !

    This market is gigantic and full of all kinds of clothes, of jewels, of more original objects some than the others. By spending a little of time there, you can find everything you look for, whether it's a poster, a vinyl or one some piece of furniture. Furthermore, the prices are very accessible. Besides, what is very surprising to Camden, it's this mix of very different styles. From the exit of the subway you can already perceive punks with crests, clothes with holes, piercings, tattoos, rebel locks, dressed in fluorescent, or on the contrary Gothics, dressed all in black or also hippies with flowers in their hair and a cigarette in their mouth.. Besides having the impression to be outside time, we have the impression to be able to make the world tour in some streets and some stores. Actually, thanks to the numerous stands of food situated in the market hall of Camden Lock, you can eat, according to your desires, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Mexican or also Moroccan.

    I hope that my article will have given you envy to visit Camden and I leave you on some photos.












                                                                                      Regent's Canal


















                                                                      An example of an original stall


    Estelle André, 1ère S 10

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